Performance Tuning

Every large software application suffers from performance issues at some point. Majority of the performance issues with Oracle Ebusiness suite happens while accessing the database. With the availability of powerful hardware resources and embeddec Oracle database optimization algorithms, the remaining reason for performance problems is less than optimized custom code.


Major perfromance problems faced by Oracle Ebusiness implementations are

  • Concurrent programs taking hours to complete
  • Overnight set of concurrent programs run into the morning.
  • Perfromance problems in Forms and Self service pages
  • Data Migration programs take more than acceptable time over stretching the cut-over window
  • Critical performance components to be completed in seconds fails to achieve performance benchmark


At Yesql Solutions Limited, we believe in following standard software engineering principles to improve the performance. Our methodology includes


  • Understand the problem area and the code base
  • Agree on the performance target acceptable to the client.
  • Measure the performance of each sub-program components
  • Identify performance bottlenecks
  • Re-write the code to resolve bottlenecks usually by avoiding unnecessary database accesses.
  • Agree upon a test plan for the modified code. We use glass box testing methodology minimizing business involvement for regression testing
  • Provide documentation for the modified code.





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